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Smart Money Learning specializes in providing objective financial educations Irvine to help clients manage, grow, and protect their assets during their working lives and through retirement. As fiduciary consultants, we prefer to serve our clients – not sell to them. 

If you are reading this article, chances are slim that you have every won a big lottery jackpot. Why? Because the odds of winning are so low? Did you know that in 2014, Americans spent $70.15 billion on lottery tickets? That’s more than $300.00 per adult in the 44 states where lotteries are legal. That’s more than the total spending on music, books, sports teams, movies and video game combines., according to CNN/Money.

So clearly winning the lottery is not a viable option for creating wealth. Perhaps you would rather take your chances in the stock market?

Maybe you have notices that the stock market has been a little crazy these last 18 years. It’s A lot like a roller coaster, and although most of us love roller coasters, this one is a little too scary, a little too steep, and a little too fast, and the curves a little too tight. Maybe you want to get off the ride. Or maybe you have not been on the ride because you are one of the one in three Americans that have no retirement savings. Or maybe you didn’t start saving until your fifties, because you were focused on launching your kids into the world and missed all those years of compounding.

Add to this a drastic decline in pensions offered to employees, underfunded pensions, underfunded social security, and a rising record of national debt, you have to wonder how any of us can feel secure that we can have a lifetime of income. Simply making more money won’t prevent you from struggling in your senior years if you don’t take the time to plan for your retirement. Ideally, you want your parents to plan for you … the million-dollar baby!

Financial education Irvine

Unfortunately for me, today’s option was not available when I was a baby, but the good news is that this option is available to you now. Like advances in medicine or technology little smartphones, financial product designs get better over time because the marketplace demands it. You are not stuck with the same old 401K options your company puts in front of you. You are not stuck with what’s available at the bank. You are not stuck with the same old life insurance Grandpa had to die to use. And no matter how high our income taxes get, you are not stuck paying them in retirement.

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“If you don’t design your own life plan,chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s 
plan. And guess what they have planned foryou? Not much?”

-Jim Rohn

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